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EcoCultural Litoral. Large participative research project carried out between 2002 through 2008, on the state and potentials of the cultural and natural heritage at the coast of Cantabria (Spain), with the collaboration of city governments, experts, communities, universities, and the support of Fundación Marcelino Botín.  A result of this Project was the book Litoral Ecocultural, which you may access to here.   More informationa about the Project here.

Other activities of EcoCultures are the EcoCultural Festivals, the Meetings with the Local Nature and Culture, the Campaign for a Community Center for the development and integration of the diverse communities in Madrid (Spain), and the Ecocultural Research and Development Course.



Ecocultures supports or collaborates in activities of other institutions with similar goals, such as the 1st. Indigenist Days, or the Seminar about Community Participation in Local Development, both held at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

EcoCultural Seminars and Workshops of field training about those ecocultural activities identified in the EcoCultural Research Summer Camps.

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EcoCultural Projects and Activities


Campaing for a Responsable and Ecological Comerce, in which leaflets with ecological tips when buying and mailbox stickers to avoid unnecesary publicity were delivered in Madrid










Future Projects

The relations between culture and nature is "by nature" systemic, global, inter-connected, and multidimensional.  That´s why EcoCultures works from an interdisciplinary approach, seeking to develop a series of programs and centers interrelated among themselves (threaded with methods of EcoCultural Management), such as:

· Program of Urban EcoCultural Stewardship Networks and Chains.  Starting with a “community adoption” Project: “Urban network of preservation of trational fountains of health, culture, and nature (in Madrid).

· A European Ecocultural Research and Development Center, to stablish ecocultural networks and chains for a European sustainable development.  

· Sustainable Health Programs, promoting health based on the integration between society and its enviroment through traditional and popular health customs;

· Centers of Ecological Traditions, of sustainable development and cultural promotion through the reimplementation of ethnological traditions with environmental value;
Ecocultural Educational Programs, to train on forms of integration between bio- and socio-diversity;

· EcoCultural Parkspublic and private spaces for reforesting with local species of ancestral use;

· Sustainable Inter—empreneurism Programs, to create space for the development of new micro-business and self-employment based on own cultural and natural resources;

· InterCultural Centerplace of promotion of cultural and ethnic integration, intercultural conflict solving, and international cooperation on local ecocultural resources;
-Ecocultural Development Centers.

· EcoCultural CentersIntegral space for interdisciplinary coordination and local development based on the revaluating of community techniques and conceptions promoting the environment. 

And there are more present and future projects!  Joint us, we need volunteers.



The EcoCultural Research Summer Camps are held in valleys such as Lamasón, Soba, Matienzo, and in bays of the region of Cantabria (Spain).  The formative experience carry out enviromental work and research on those different aspects of the traditional culture with potentials for sustainable development.










Your Culture Cultures you, Culture your Culture is a Campaign with research and forums to enhance the own local traditional and popular culture which cares for our environment, and to use it for a sustainable economy.  This year, it centers on Santander (Spain), a green city enbedded between the montains, the bay, and the ocean.








Past and present activities

The following are some activities organized by
EcoCultures since 1997:





Healthy Mind in Healthy Environment, a parallel Campaing in Santander which concentrates on the benefits of taking the most advantage of our own cultural knowledge, for the mutual enrichment of society and environment, and for our health and quality of life.